Thursday, 19 November 2009

New Sofia Mayor Is A woman But Has A Man Behind Her

An overwhelming vote for this woman from the Education department, event though the turnout for voting for Sofia's Mayor was just over 15%! Boyko Borisov and the popular GERB party I feel had everything to do with her being elected. Time will tell as always with newly elected people in power.

New Sofia Mayor Is A woman But Has A Man Behind Her
The new Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova has stated that she realizes the responsibility she has taken on and hopes that Sofia’s citizens will be patient as “things do not happen by magic.”

Fandakova, from the ruling center-right party GERB, received exactly 66,23% of the votes in Sunday’s Elections. She stated Monday in an interview for bTV that she already know part of her team and intends to impose her style quickly. She also spoke of her relationship with Bulgaria PM Boyko Borisov; “I will always pick up the phone to the Prime Minister and will call him whenever needed.”

“We will ask for money from the state for specific projects, we will not seek general funds but will concentrate on these projects. I think Sofia will receive all the funds it requires,” Fandakova added.

Regarding the problem areas in Sofia the former Education Minister Fandakova said; “We will be working to open more nurseries and to sort out the problem with stray dogs…we will also make a long-term strategy to sort out traffic congestion in the city.”

Fandakova concluded that the problem of Roma ghettos in Sofia would not be sorted out over 1-2 years but instead required a strategy for overcoming them gradually. She also said that a clear register of Sofia residents would be created but there would be no restrictions on people in the form of ‘Sofia citizenship’.

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