Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Solar Power In Bulgaria - The Sensible Energy Source Here

I have always said that the potential for solar power in Bulgaria is great and makes total practical sense. There is already one up and running a few kilometres from my home here and I'm sure it is wel on its way to paying for its instalation. Renewable energy with almost no running costs has to the be future of energy here. Once again though I will say that this will not indice lower electricity bills as the greed factor from energy companies with onlyh profits in mind will curtail.

Solar Power In Bulgaria - The Sensible Energy Source HereImage by Thai Jasmine via Flickr

.....Bulgaria can pass the Czech Republic as Eastern Europe's most lucrative solar energy market if the government removes legal pitfalls blocking investment in the country's strong sun potential, experts say.

Investors are looking for new opportunities in central and southeastern Europe after Spain and Germany, the global industry leaders in photovoltaics (PV) that turn sunlight into energy, have cut or plan to curtail incentives.

The Czech Republic has attracted the lion's share of investment in Eastern Europe due to generous subsidies. But Prague is expected to reduce the feed-in tariffs from 2010, a move that could make Bulgaria a more promising market in the medium to long-term, analysts say.

The Balkan country has already attracted applications for 1,000 megawatts of new solar parks thanks to its incentives.

Source: www.solarplaza.com
Image by Thai Jasmine via Flickr

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