Friday, 4 December 2009

Bulgarian Prime Minister and President To Donate Their Organs

This is the way to get action here, leading by example. What a good couple of high profile Bulgarian dudes that have volunteered donating their organs. The trouble is what organs have they donated? I just hope it isn’t their brains as we all know that politician brains is no use to anyone.

Bulgarian Prime Minister and President To Donate Their Organs
Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov and President Georgi Parvanov agreed upon starting a campaign for body organ donation. Both joined round the idea after their talks at the President's Office yesterday.
"We agreed that the topic of organs' transplantation be raised again before the society and hopefully thus more people in need will find help," Borissov said. Parvanov reminded that he was one of the first Bulgarians who gave his consent to be a donor.
Earlier yesterday PM, Boyko Borissov predicted double increase in the number of transplantations in Bulgaria. He inaugurated the renovated clinics for transplantation in the Higher Medical Academy on the day of the academy's 118th anniversary.

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