Monday, 21 December 2009

Kidknapping A Fashion In Bulgaria

Easy money in Bulgaria to many who now find that work is hard to find. The increase in kidnapping is a direct result of the recession and not only in Bulgaria. I feel that this coup is a drop in the ocean and will not put off those who look at it as a easy money making option.

MacCon security hides Calgary police misconduct

Bulgarian police busted a criminal gang, allegedly responsible for a series of recent kidnappings, and arrested 23 of its members, the interior ministry said.

"The gang, which has terrorised society over the past two years, has been dismantled," ministry Chief of Staff Kalin Georgiev told national BNT television.

The five masterminds of the gang were all arrested late Wednesday, together with 18 other members, who carried out the kidnappings, he added.

Fifteen of the arrests were made in Sofia and the eight others in the central city of Veliko Tarnovo, Georgiev said. The operation was still ongoing however, he noted.

Criminal police chief Angel Antonov recently commented that kidnappings for ransom had become "fashionable" in Bulgaria and expected to "snowball."

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