Friday, 18 December 2009

Public Holidays Planned For 2010 In Bulgaria

This report is well laid out and easy to understand how the borrowing of pubic holidays works and what plan is now in place for next year (2010) in Bulgaria. Taking days in credit and working Saturdays to pay them off is common here. This Saturday I am working in lieu for the 31st January which is not a public holiday.

Public Holidays Planned For 2010 In Bulgaria
Bulgaria will have a four-day non-working holiday in May 2010, the Cabinet decided at its weekly meeting on December 16 2009, news agencies said.

The reason is that May 6, celebrated as St George's Day and Army Day, which is a public holiday, falling on a Thursday in 2010. Because of this, the Cabinet decided to declare Friday May 7 2010 a non-working day which, together with the weekend, adds up to four non-working days.

To compensate for May 7, the Cabinet decided to declare Saturday May 15 2010 a working day.

The Cabinet declared Friday, December 31 2010 a non-working day, given that January 1 is a public holiday. This will give Bulgarians three official consecutive days off for New Year 2010-2011

To compensate for the day off on December 31, Bulgarians will work on Saturday, December 11 2010. The Cabinet also approved a draft bill amending the Labour Code to make Good Friday also a non-working day.

In 2010 Good Friday is on April 2, which would give Bulgarians a four-day long Easter holiday, counting in the existing holiday on Eastern Monday.

Public holidays in Bulgaria in 2010 are January 1 (New Year's Day), March 3 (Liberation Day), April 4 (Eastern Orthodox Easter), May 1 (Labour Day), May 6 (St George's Day and Army Day), May 24 (Day of Bulgarian Culture and the Slavonic Alphabet), September 6 (Unification Day), September 22 (Independence Day), and December 24-26 (Christmas).

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