Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Poverty Whilst Working In Bulgaria

So Bulgarians on a minimum wages are in fact getting poorer as inflation is running away. This is a shot in the head to thousands of workers who get this pittance of a wage to live on in Bulgaria. A 40 hour week for around 60 BGN leva is actually poverty level. Mind you the argument is that people on this wage are lucky to be working and with no unemployment benefit I suppose they are right.

Bulgaria’s National Council for Tripartite Cooperation has approved the level of the national minimum monthly wage for 2010.

The sum remains the same as that of 2009 - BGN 240. The minimum hourly wage has been fixed at BGN 1,42 for the normal eight daily working hours, five days per week, according to the Government Information Service on Monday.

Maintaining the level of the minimum wage for next year is reasonable, according to representatives of employers' organizations.

"If in a crisis situation, the minimum wage is increased, this will lead to increased unemployment," said the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria.

"It is logical to maintain the current size of the minimum monthly wage, consistent with the fact that we are in crisis," the Confederation of Labor, Podkrepa, stated.

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, expressed his hope that next year the country would find itself in a period of economic growth, which would have a positive impact on incomes.

Source: http://www.novinite.com
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