Sunday, 27 December 2009

Global Warming Evident In Bulgaria

I set out with my winter coat and Russian hat and after 10 minutes I was stripped off into just a pullover. It was that warm, around 21 C yesterday. People sitting in outside in street cafes drinking cold beer and coffee in the sun. This was spring three months early in Yambol. There is snow due in a few days say the forecasters. We just don't know what one day to the next brings us weather wise.

Global Warming Evident In Bulgaria
Six meteorological stations in Bulgaria reported their warmest Christmas Day temperatures ever, Mediapool said.

In Vratsa, the maximum reached 21.2 degrees C, making it the warmest place in Bulgaria on December 25 2009, and beating Vratsa’s 1995 record of 17.5 degrees.

However, strong winds hit the town, bringing down trees and damaging roofs.

Veliko Turnovo had a maximum 17.1 degrees, beating its 1958 record of 16.6 degrees. Varna, Bulgaria’s largest Black Sea coast city, recorded a high of 16.4 degrees, topping the city’s 1967 record of 15.7 degrees.

Kyustendil reported a record 15.4 degrees.

On December 26, forecasts for major cities were that Sofia would be nine degrees, and Varna and Plovdiv both 12 degrees.

An avalanche warning for Bulgaria’s mountains was repeated. Strong winds were reported to be blowing at altitudes above 2500m.

Weather forecasters said that on December 27, Sofia would have a maximum four degrees, the south-eastern parts of the country nine degrees, while temperatures elsewhere in the country would be slightly cooler. There would be rain throughout the country, forecasters said.

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