Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ex-King Of Bulgaria Still Thinks He Rules

Ex-King Of Bulgaria Still Thinks He Rules Симеон Сакскобургготски

Ex-King of Bulagria, Simeon has done Bulgaria now favours and has lived in exile for many years before becoming PM and failing miserably. Some say he only came back to Bulgaria just to claim his inheritance and not to help Bulgaria politically. This latest news may well confirm that this may well be more than rumour. The consensus is that he thinks he is above the law and still reigns.

Lawmakers voted Friday to bar the former royal family from using property returned to them by judges over 10 years ago. Under the ban, Simeon Saxe Coburg, who became king in 1943 at age 6 and was forced into exile in 1946, and his sister Maria-Louisa cannot sell, rent or build on land returned to them by a Constitutional Court decision in 1998. Mr. Saxe Coburg, who returned to Bulgaria in 1997 and became prime minister in 2001, vowed to challenge the ban.

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