Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Trees On The Black Market In Bulgaria

I was going to say that trees are cut price anyway here. No Bulgarian is going to refuse to buy illegally cut Christmas trees, it is another part of the black economy that is widespread here in Bulgaria. I would go as far to say that Bulgarians would go out of their way to find illegal Christmas trees to say a few leva. Who can blame them with things as they are financially here? By the way pensioners have just been awarded a 25 leva Christmas bonus, they won’t be buying illegally cut Christmas trees - they’ll go without!

Christmas Trees On The Black Market In Bulgaria
The Bulgarian Agriculture Ministry has decided to impose a BGN 1 000 fine for the illegal sale of Christmas trees, Deputy Agriculture Minister Georgi Kostov, informs.
According to Kostov, the substantial fine would stop the illegal sales.
The Deputy Minister says that the price of the trees sold legally varies between BGN 7 to 16 and if a tree is sold below BGN 4 this means it has been cut illegally.
On Sunday, Kostov verified in person two Christmas trees stands at the Sofia “Sitnyakovo” market and did not find any violations. The merchants had the necessary documentation and the required cash register.
The Deputy Minister further informed that the authorities have not yet established any violations in Christmas trees sales in Sofia, but pointed out the illegal sales are expected to emerge close to the Christmas holiday.

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