Friday, 25 September 2009

Bulgaria - A Turn Off For Foreigners?

Compared to more developed countries such as Spain and France Bulgaria is a rough and wild country and even at rock bottom prices for property, many seeking a new life abroad if they have the money would go for the up market countries. I would say that 90% if not more only choose Bulgaria because it’s cheap. I myself certainly wouldn’t have chose to be living in Bulgaria, but in France if it was affordable at the time.

Bulgaria - A Turn Off For Foreigners?

British investors are turning their backs on countries like Bulgaria and choosing more traditional countries to purchase property, according to the latest figures.

Data of the company Conti show that 31 per cent of all searches on properties abroad by British nationals have been in France, followed by Spain with 22 per cent.

Demand for properties in France and Spain surged last year as investors started to shun the so-called emerging markets in favour of more familiar destinations in the Mediterranean and elsewhere.

General inquiries about properties in France and Spain have already reached 53 per cent of the total volume, while Turkey ranks third in the rankings by 13 per cent. Portugal and Italy also rank higher in the ranking, while interest in Bulgaria and the United States decreased significantly compared to 2008.

Source: propertywisebulgaria.