Sunday, 27 September 2009

Hands Up For Crime In Bulgaria From Mr Pistole

I find this hilarious that a ‘Mr Pistole’ represents the FBI. This aside it sounds like this could be just a front for the world to see Bulgaria doing something active to counter organised crime. Most Bulgarians know it will never be quashed as the top politicians and police are infiltrated with mafia-based activities. Mr Pistole must realise that successfully fighting crime in Bulgaria is a long shot.

Hands Up For Crime In Bulgaria From Mr Pistole

Bulgarian policemen will train with the FBI and different police academies across the USA and attend courses to polish up their professional skills. This was agreed following talks between Interior Minster Tsvetan Tsvetanov, who headed a Bulgarian delegation to Washington DC, and Mr. John S. Pistole, Deputy Director of FBI.

The FBI exerts commended Bulgaria’s law enforcers for their achievements in combating cyber crimes and money counterfeiting.

Bulgaria is a reliable and predictable partner,” the FBI representatives said during the talks with their Bulgarian colleagues, as quoted by the Press Office of the Interior Ministry.

The American investigators shared valuable experience in coping with organized crime, bank frauds and corruption with their Bulgarian Colleagues.

“The fact that you came to the USA to exchange experience so soon after the new government took office is a good sign for Sofia’s resolution to fight crime,” Mr. Pistole said during talks with Minister Tsvetanov.

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