Monday, 14 September 2009

Loads Of UFOs In Bulgaria

Having personally witnessed many occasions where UFO have been seen in a area of Bulgaria where many reports have already been made by other locals including encounters of the third kind I do not find this surprising. There is definitely something going on that we do not know about or have any control over lets hope they their intelligence is far better than stupid self-destructing earthling.

Loads Of UFOs In Bulgaria
Dozens of times Bulgarian Military Air Forces have chased UFO-s, says ret. colonel Gancho Kamenarski. According to him, some cases may be interpreted as atmospheric conditions, balloons for meteorological purposes or virtual airborne target simulation. Others, however, remain a mystery. Especially for the visitors of UFO News Agency’s site, colonel Kamenarski shares information of the cases he has witnessed himself while serving at the command post of 1-st division of the Air Defense in Bojurishte in 1990-1995.

Colonel Kamenarski was born in 1946 in Kazanlak. In 1969 he graduates from the High National School of Military Air Cervices Georgi Benkovski. Until 1984, he serves as a military pilot in Bezmer and Uzundjovo. In the period 1974-1977 he studies at Georgi Benkovski Military Academy in Sofia. In 1984, he dedicates himself to military journalism and acts as second editor in chief of the Guard of the fatherland’s sky newspaper and the Wings magazine until 1988. From 1988 through 1990 he is second commander of a communication battalion. In 1995 he is appointed adviser on the press at the Bulgarian Army’s General Headquarters, where he works until his retirement in 1999.

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