Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hopefully Not Krafting More Obesity In Bulgaria

So, Kraft Foods are to open their new headquarters in Bulgaria – Great news for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian economy, it certainly needs it right now. I just hope that all the junk food they produce is exported. There are enough obese kids in Bulgaria to sink a ship with the fast food boom here. It is a fact that Kraft foods are healthy for the bank balance but that it.

Hopefully Not Krafting More Obesity In Bulgaria

Kraft Foods has poured 40 million leva into the Svoge chocolate factory, north of Sofia, making Bulgaria a "regional production centre", a company press statement from the Bulgarian branch has said, quoted by Dnevnik daily on September 15 2009.

Kraft Foods was initially undecided whether to make the investment in Bulgaria or Romania, but in the end the management agreed that Bulgaria provides superior conditions because the Romanian Brasov factory is in the town centre and therefore gridlocked, making it virtually impossible to expand.

The Svoge factory has received the financial package earmarked for the purchasing and installation of new technological production lines, of which two are already in operation, while the third installation will be activated by the end of December.

Furthermore, in 2008, Kraft Food invested 1.6 million leva for new technology in the company's Kostinbrod factory.

The investment has been achieved, according to the statement, exclusively through the company's own capital. Kraft Foods Bulgaria envisages increase of exports for Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Hungary. With new production lines, the factory will reach a capacity of 100 000 chocolate units a day.

Meanwhile, Kraft Foods Bulgaria have announced a drop in sales for the first half of 2009, as opposed to corresponding figures for 2008. The company envisages that the current trend, in light of the economic crisis, is unlikely to improve by the end of December 2009.

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