Thursday, 3 September 2009

Give It Up 'Old' Madonna

Give it up Madonna. She thinks she is an evergreen, but age catches up with us all. She should retire after all there is enough money in her account to sink a ship. But it seems that she may well go down with the ship if she carries on as she is. Her ego won’t let her though. She is the same age as me and she now makes me feel old! So us a favour Madonna and become a mom at home housewife and look after your kids.

Madonna comes under more scrutiny as she seems to be withering away at the end of her Sticky & Sweet Tour
The tour is almost over with being its second leg ever since the beginning last year.
Her show in Bulgaria this past Saturday was going well up until her performance of “Holiday” as she passed out on top of one of her dancers as she quickly woke her up and asked her if she was okay, and she kept on going as if nothing had happened.
Many are criticizing her for exhausting herself with her workout regimen and the non-stop touring.
Some have even said that she had it coming for acting like she’s not an “older” woman.

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