Thursday, 24 September 2009

Health Insurance Not Being Paid By Bulgarians

I find this threat quite bizarre that you can’t buy property without proof of health insurance. Health insurance will of course become automatic when wages are paid into bank accounts after deductions are made. This will take quite a time as most workers are paid cash in hand and left to their own devices to pay the health insurance. This is why so much of it is not paid. In the meantime employers should be responsible for paying it before paying employees, this would on paper ensure payment. This is of course assuming employers are trustworthy enough to do this - Many aren’t!

Health Insurance Not Being Paid By Bulgarians
A Bulgarian citizen, who failed to pay his last six monthly health insurance contributions, might soon not be able to travel abroad.
The drastic measure was announced Sunday by Health Minister, Bozhidar Nanev, who said the move was needed because the country loses annually about BGN 1 B from unpaid health insurance.
In addition, the Health Ministry will propose that during the purchase of real estate property, a proof for paid health insurance to be required in order to conclude the deal.
Currently 1,2 M Bulgarians do not have health insurance, the Minister pointed out.
The other measures include restructuring of the management of the National Health Insurance Fund and its reduction, establishment of a special entity to control and sanction violations in the health care system and eliminating the mandate for the Regional Health Insurance Funds to sign contracts with each health care provider.

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