Saturday, 12 September 2009

Macodonian Heroes Rewarded By Bulgaria

If is wasn’t for the Macedonians who came quickly to the rescue of the sunken boat on Lake of Ohrid, the figure of 15 dead Bulgarians would have been much higher. In effect they saved the lives of many Bulgarians and that why the award is being made. A good idea and well deserved too.

Macodonian Heroes Rewarded By Bulgaria
All Macedonian citizens who helped rescue Bulgarian passengers from the Ilinden boat, which sunk in the Lake of Ohrid on September 5 2009, will receive Order For Civil Merit 1st class, the Presidency said on September 10.

The order is awarded to people of great distinction who have contributed to the development and consolidation of civil society.

The idea came from Bozhidar Dimitrov, Minister without portfolio responsible for Bulgarians abroad. The full list is yet to be compiled.

The sinking of the boat, which had 55 Bulgarian passengers on board, led to 15 deaths through drowning.

The boat sank over the course of just 10 minutes but, thanks to the courageous efforts of nearby boats and Macedonian civilians on the shore, 40 people were saved.

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