Friday, 11 September 2009

Michael Shileds Release Makes Bulgarians Very Angry

This is one of the reasons I abandoned England who continue encourage criminals to practice their activities knowing full well that they will get away with it. I have made my views on a previous post about Michael Shields. Shields should have been kept in Bulgaria to serve his sentence and go though the humility it would have entailed. Not only would this have been deserved but a lesson other British idiots who still think they rule the world and are untouchable. Jack Straw is a buffoon and he should have the title “Injustice Secretary!”

Michael Shileds Release Makes Bulgarians Very Angry
A senior Bulgarian politician has condemned the royal pardon given to Michael Shields, the Liverpool fan convicted of attacking a barman.

Former deputy prime minister Ivailo Kalfin said he was very shocked by the decision and said it "gave a very bad signal to football hooliganism".

Martin Georgiev, who was left with a fractured skull after the 2005 attack in Bulgaria, also queried the decision.

Mr Shields, of Liverpool, was pardoned by Justice Secretary Jack Straw.
Mr Kalfin, who is now an MEP, said: "I feel that, over the past few days, political considerations took over the need for justice and I am really disturbed with it.

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