Sunday, 17 January 2010

Andrew Duff's Statement Is Just Thinking Of Himself

Duff should shut his gob up. The decision will be made on the 26th January and it doesn’t need a ‘know all’ poking his nose in when we all know the reason he is doing it is for his own public stature. Perhaps someone should dig up some evidence of his wheeling and dealing business interests that conflict with his position. After all, every politician does it and get away with it because they haven’t been caught or have loop holes in the law for it! Just shut your arrogance Duff.

Andrew Duff's Statement Is Just Thinking Of Himself
UK Liberal MEP, Andrew Duff, has stated that it is not possible for a majority of the European Parliament to approve the new EU Commission if Bulgaria’s EU Commissioner-Designate Rumiana Jeleva is part of it.

Duff, who is the rapporteur on the Commissioners' hearings, said Saturday that EC President Jose Manuel Barroso is now in a very awkward position. The reason for this being that the European Commission endorsed Jeleva’s nomination but now the European Parliament is against her appointment. He added that the answer to the problem can now only come from Sofia.

“I think Mrs. Jeleva should consider whether it is still appropriate to seek the post of Commissioner and to withdraw her own candidacy - this will be the most elegant way out of this dead end," concluded Duff, cited by Bulgarian National Radio.

Andrew Duff MEP has been the Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for the East of England since 1999.