Monday, 4 January 2010

Pepper Popper Voted Best Bulgarian Invention of The 20th Century

I have to say that this just typifies Bulgaria where the food and practical inventions are the most important things there. This is a far cry form the material ideals when a pepper popper or the chushkopek gets the top vote for the most revolutionary Bulgarian household device for the 20th Century. I’m not surprised that the car was well down on the voting as it has become plague and an escalation in cost to many here. Having used this pepper popper I can safely say that it really does the business, effectively and quickly and when you consider the amount of peppers that are stored by families for winter here, only then will you realised how useful this appliance is. Many Bulgarians of course still use the old method by grilling the peppers on a live fire from wood especially in the villages. The popper is therefore is even more ideal for apartment dwellers.

Pepper Popper Voted Best Bulgarian Invention of The 20th Century
An appliance for roasting peppers has been voted the most revolutionary household device of the 20th century in Bulgaria.

The "chushkopek" was named "Bulgaria's Household Revolution of the 20th Century" in an on-line and text messaging campaign organized by Bulgarian National Television.

The wall of the cylindrical chushkopek is lined with a heater and can hold one to seven peppers, depending on the size of the appliance.

The Bulgarian-patented appliance garnered 25 percent of the vote. Other 20th century advances that received votes included electricity (16 percent), television and radio (13 percent)and cellphones (10 percent).

Concrete-panel apartment construction, cars and seaside vacations trailed with less than 7 percent each.