Monday, 18 January 2010

Ivan Kostov - The Worst Kind Of Politician

I have talked about Ivan Kostov before and the reasons why I have the least respect for him in the field of disrespectful political figures. He will sell his soul and change his political colours just for the chance of power and this statement is doing just the same. Having vigorously opposed Boyko Borisov and the GERB party in the recent elections he is now supporting them after their win. His tactic here is to assume that he has the right to dictate to the Bulgarian PM how he should act in Jeleva scandal. Another MP who should shut his gob as this has noting to do with anything other than his own ego. This is the worst kind of politician.

Ivan Kostov - The Worst Kind Of Politician
The troubled EC Commissioner bid of Bulgaria’s Rumiana Jeleva is going to teach GERB and PM Boyko Borisov about how the Socialists act, according to rightist leader Ivan Kostov.

He contrasted the alleged disruption by the Bulgarian Socialist Party of Jeleva’s bid to the support that Boyko Borisov granted to Irina Bokova, the Bulgarian Directorate-General of UNESCO.

Kostov, who is a Co-Chair of the Blue Coalition supporting GERB, told Nova TV Sunday night that the final decision on the fate of Rumiana Jeleva was in the hands of the Socialists, the Liberals, and the Greens, whereas the European People’s Party should seek a compromise.

The Blue Coalition leader declared that Borisov should go ahead with his “Plan B” by putting forth another EU Commissioner-Designate instead of Jeleva in order to save Bulgaria’s image, and to spare EC President Jose Manuel Barroso from the currently unfavorable situation.