Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bulgaria's Incompetant Zheleva Out!

Zheleva Out! - And not before time. It wasn’t only the fact that she was lying through her teeth about business involvement that compromised her position, but the fact that she was incompetent in her role. The hands of surrender and admission finally went up not only resigning as a candidate for the European Commission buy her post as Bulgarian Foreign Minister. One wonders where her next job will come, but it will come. Politicians always have jobs for the ‘boys’ even for criminals. Why does my opinion of politicians sink even lower at this point?

Bulgaria's controversial European Commissioner-designate Roumyana Zheleva has withdrawn as a candidate and has offered to resign as her country's Foreign Minister.

The Foreign Ministry in Sofia confirmed on January 19 2010 that Zheleva had written to Prime Minister Boiko Borissov asking to be released from all her posts. She asked Borissov to nominate a replacement candidate Commissioner.

Borissov accepted her withdrawal from the European Commission candidacy but declined to accept her resignation as Foreign Minister.

At a news conference, European People's Party leader Joseph Daul expressed regret at Zheleva's decision and hit out at political opponents for their campaign against her.

In her letter to Borissov, Zheleva expressed bitterness at the campaign against her and the false allegations that she had lied, as well as the portrayal of her as incompetent.

She thanked all those in Bulgaria, in the EPP and Daul for standing by her with unwavering support and in the "struggle for justice in this case".