Friday, 1 January 2010

Madonna Next In Line For Tax Bills In Bulgaria

Madonna Next In Line For Tax Bills In Bulgaria
This is the latest trend in Bulgaria, chasing the rich and public figures for tax that is due. One wonders why this wasn’t’ pick up in previous years rather than having a sudden purge. I also wonder whether the goalpost have been changed in tax assessment to get more funds from VIP earners. The Bulgarian Pop Folk Divas (Chalga) and Professional Footballers have already been raked through. Who is next? Not the mafias that’s for sure!

The National Revenue Agency (NRA) is chasing Bulgarian promoters who have staged some of the biggest shows in Bulgaria including those of Madonna and Metallica.

According to the law, performers must pay 10 per cent tax on concerts staged in Bulgaria. NRA checks established, however, that none of the 13 Bulgarian promoters had paid this tax to the state.

This included the show Madonna staged in Sofia this summer and Metallica's concert a year ago.

The same tax will be owed by Elton John when he performs in Sofia in the summer of 2010.

Checks on the activities of promoters' companies are part of an overall investigation launched by the NRA into the income of Bulgarian singers and popular performers.

Probes have revealed that some popular artists have not filed income tax declarations for several years.

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