Sunday, 10 January 2010

UFO Seen By Hundreds In Sofia

Having personally witnessed UFOs here in Bulgaria on more than one occasion I am quite surprised that more reports have not been admitted and reported here. Sceptics normally outweigh the witnesses even with what seems concrete evidence. How long will it be before aliens actually land and contact us foolish humans who they see as pushing a self destruct button with war, pollution, all greed related!

UFO Seen By Hundreds In Sofia
Bulgarian National Television is reporting the sighting of a UFO by hundreds of New Year revellers in Sofia in the first few minutes of 2010, The sighting took place in the capital city Sofia.

The diamond shaped object moved erratically in the sky before disappearing. A number of witnesses noted that they felt the UFO was not of this world. One witness managed to film the UFO.

Bulgaria recently made headlines when it's national space agency made the shock announcement that well-meaning aliens are contacting earth and communicating with humans through a series of crop circles. This finding was the result of a far-reaching study of thousands of crop circles around the world by the space agency. Sightings of UFOs are common in Bulgaria.