Saturday, 9 January 2010

Scapegoat Arrested For Bulgarian Mafia Killing?

Looks like someone has been taken in as the scapegoat for killing Boris Tsanskov, do you really think he is the Mafia leader? I dont' think so. I think this is a front and a conspiracy to demonstrate to the world that things are being done to combat the Mafia in Bulgaria. The proof of the pudding will be to see whether the charges transform into a prison sentence or whether a spanner in the works will curtail charges. I think the latter is the more likely and the leader fot he Mafia is still unknown and untouchable.

Scapegoat Arrested For Bulgarian Mafia Killing?
Bulgarian prosecutors have charged a suspected criminal leader in connection with the murder on Tuesday of a crime journalist and radio show host.
Krasimir Marinov, known as "The Big Margin", arrested hours after the killing, has now been charged with incitement to murder.
Boris "Bobbie" Tsankov, who reported on the mafia in Bulgaria, was killed on a crowded street in the capital Sofia.
Two men who were with him were also shot and critically wounded.
Since his book The Secrets of the Mobsters, alleging links between mafia figures and businessmen was published last November, Mr Tsankov said he had received numerous death threats.
Just hours after the murder, Krasimir Marinov was arrested, but police are still searching for his younger brother Nikolai Marinov "The Small Margin" in connection with an alleged plot to kill Mr Tsankov.
The brothers, together with three other men, have been on trial since 2006 for plotting assassinations and participating in organised crime.