Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Underage Sex But First Birth Of 2010 Takes Headline

Isn’t this quite typical that underage births are more common that one first supposes. Only recently there was the story of the youngest mother, which made headlines. The big question is are the fathers being prosecuted for underage sex? I doubt it as I commented before, mainly because this is becoming ‘normal’ especially in Gypsy communities. (Again no mention whether this mother and father were Gypsy!)

A 14-year-old mother from Bulgaria’s Varna has given birth to the country’s first newborn child in 2010.

The underage mother Nikoleta Velikova gave birth at exactly 1 minute after midnight on January 1, 2010. This has been announced Saturday by Dr. Antonia Grigorova, Editor-in-Chief of the Nine Months Magazine, which is organizing annual Baby of the Year campaigns.

The time has been confirmed by the medical staff of the Varna hospital. The baby girl weighs 2,3 kg and is 46 cm tall.

Source: www.novinite.com
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