Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Extreme Cold In Bulgaria - Spring WIll More Welcome Now

Tell me about it, we have no water due to frozen pipes and not likely to see any for at least a week with sub zero temperatures throughout. At work we are all working in sub-zero temperatures and no matter how many layers of clothing you wear the cold still penetrates into you like a dagger of ice. Extreme cold bring lots of problems but makes the spring all that much more appreciated when it comes. Thank God for rakia in the evenings to warm us all up.

Bulgaria was battered by extreme weather conditions over the past 24 hours, with temperatures reportedly plummeting to a record -32C in the north east.
Dobrich saw the mercury dip down to -26C while 17 other municipalities across Bulgaria reported that temperatures went below -23C. In some towns in the north of the country, Pleven, Rousse and Elhovo, temperatures dropped to their lowest since 1933, Dnevnik daily reported on January 26 2010.
The seaside town of Kaliakra reported -18.8C and negative temperatures prevailed along the entire coast, while Sofia fell to -15C.
The lowest temperature in Bulgaria since data became available (although certainly not the lowest ever) was back in 1947 when the thermometer showed -38.3C in the village of Trun.
The forecast for January 26 is one of serene skies and predominant sunshine across the entire country, although fog and reduced visibility will form along most of the Danube Valley. Temperatures in the north of Bulgaria will remain in the -12C to -15C range during the day while in the south from -5C to about -10C, the Bulgarian Meteorological Service reported on its website.
Conditions for mountaineering and skiing should be good because the forecast predicts serene skies and mild to moderate easterly winds.