Friday, 30 October 2009

Bulgarian President Planning An Expensive Trip (Although Denied)

I couldn’t agree more to cutting this proposed trip and set an example of cost cutting. What justification is there to go there anyway on the backs of Bulgaria tax payers (those that pay it anyway!) If there is business to attend to and I’ve suggested this before, use video conferencing. One wonders for what reasons these trips are planned, surely there has to be a motive other than just fancying a trip there!

Bulgarian President Planning An Expensive Trip (Although Denied)
Bulgaria’s right-wing Blue Coalition has urged President Georgi Purvanov to call off a planned trip to Australia and New Zealand, saying that the "exotic" expedition cannot be justified at a time when the Government is trying to cut costs – and in any case, Bulgaria sells the Antipodes little more than a bit of cheese.

Speaking to journalists in Parliament, Blue Coalition MP Assen Agov said that estimates were that the trip by Purvanov, who would be accompanied by a delegation, would cost 500 000 leva.

Bulgaria was facing an economic crisis and it would be appropriate for the head of state to be seen to be cutting costs along with Government departments, Agov was quoted as saying by Bulgarian news agency BTA. Trade relations with Australia and New Zealand were too scant to justify the trip, he said.

Agov said that, in any case, the head of state of both Australia and New Zealand lived in London – England’s Queen Elizabeth II.

The plan to go to Australasia was as puzzling as Purvanov having travelled to Izmir in Turkey to watch a volleyball match, and his recent trip to Cyprus, Agov said, adding that there was a lack of clarity about how much money was spent on presidential travel, and how it was paid for.

President Purvanov’s office released a 470-word media statement responding to the Blue Coalition’s statements.

According to the statement, Purvanov’s visits to Korea, from October 25 to 27, and to Australia from October 28 to 31, had been planned in advance as part of the President’s foreign policy activities for 2009.

Purvanov’s office denied that he planned to visit New Zealand.

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