Monday, 26 October 2009

More EU Money Wasted On A Bulgarian VIP Trip

What a pointless waste of money this is. How much is the cost of this trip and what will it achieve? - Lots of dosh and nothing respectively. All that will happen is that the commissioner will get treated like royalty told a load of lies and that’s it. What’s wrong with getting a report via email or having a videoconference at the fraction of the cost? Another EU extravagant spending from on rich people born with a silver spoon in their mouth’s who incidentally probably haven’t had to do a decent day’s work in their lives!

More EU Money Wasted On A Bulgarian VIP Trip

European Regional Policy Commissioner Paweł Samecki is to visit Bulgaria on October 22 and 23 to see the impact of the EU’s cohesion policy in the South-West (Sofia) and North-Central (Gabrovo) regions, the EC said.

Samecki will meet Prime Minister Boiko Borissov and members of the Cabinet, and visit some of the major EU-backed infrastructure developments currently underway in the country, including the Sofia metro extension and Lyulin Motorway.

"Bulgaria has every opportunity to make the best use of the 9.5 billion euro of EU investments available until 2013," Samecki said.

"In my view the authorities have recently taken appropriate actions to tackle problems and I congratulate them for the willingness they have demonstrated to meet challenges head-on. The selection of good projects, stable and competent management, and good control systems are crucial to ensure the maximum impact of EU assistance for the Bulgarian people," he said.

Samecki will meet Borissov and Simeon Dyankov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, as well as four other Cabinet ministers responsible for implementing the EU’s cohesion policy: Rosen Plevneliev (Regional Development and Public Works), Traicho Traikov (Economy, Energy and Tourism), Aleksandar Tsvetkov (Transport, Information Technology and Communication), and Nona Karadjova (Environment and Water).

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