Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Under Age Sex In Bulgaria - Normal With Gypsies

There was no mention here whether this was a Bulgarian or Bulgarian Gypsy child. Getting married at 11 years old must surely indicate that this was a Gypsy girl. Will anything be done as this is a Gypsy issue? I doubt it, underage sex, marriage and other underage issues is part of their alien culture in Bulgaria.

An 11-year-old girl gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the southeast Bulgarian city of Sliven Thursday night.

The news has been confirmed by the head of the maternity ward in the Sliven Hospital, Dr. Sonya Mihaylova, who also said the youngest mothers the ward had seen earlier were aged 12.
The baby of the 11-year-old mother weighs 2,5 kg. The father is 19. The young mother’s parents are in Spain. The young “family” is taken care of by the father’s mother.

The young mother came in at about 9:30 pm, gave birth in one hour, and wanted to leave because her “wedding was the same night”, in the words of Dr. Mihaylova.

“There is no one from her family, there is no one we could talk to, her parents are in Spain, and no one can make decisions for her without their agreement,” said Dr. Mihaylova, as quoted by BGNES, while refusing to discharge the girl and her baby before making sure they are totally fine. The hospital has alerted the Child Protection Agency about the case.

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