Sunday, 18 October 2009

Medical and Education Funds Spent Wisely In Bulgaria Is The Key

Welcome to the EU, Bulgaria!!

Who says Bulgaria wants to be an average European state? This is a quote that just typifies what is the EU is doing to Bulgaria. It wants to make it another sterile country with a EU identity and forgo its character and culture. It may just be the percentage spent on health and education, but as far as I know the education system in Bulgaria is far better than many other EU countries with such a low investment., It’s how you spend the money not how much you put into it that counts! But then top dogs, even in Bulgaria are supposedly far too intelligent to realise that.

Bulgaria spends less for healthcare and education than other EU member states and much more for power fields. This is what minister of Finance Simeon Dyankov said at an extraordinary sitting of the Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA).

“This misbalance is as it follows: Bulgarian will spend about 4,2% GDP for healthcare as it is about 50% less than the average compared to the rest EU member states. If a country wants to become an average European states this means that it would allot much resources for these two fields and less for the power ones”, the Minister said.

Image by Doomster via Flickr
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