Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fraud Online - Wise Up Then It Will Go Away

I have to be quite honest about this report and say that the people who get to lose money on these scams must be stupid. Anyone knows that you should never give your password away. Because there are so many people who are silly enough to do this give license for more scammers to take advantage of the ignorance of computer users. I quite enjoy getting some of these scam emails as I just vent my anger with my reply which includes threats that hopefully will shake them in their boots when they read it.

Hundreds of thousands of leva have been stolen from Bulgarian bank accounts online over the past few years, Bulgarian news agency BTA quoted an Interior Ministry annoucement as saying on October 19 2009.

Police could not give an exact count on the number of bank accounts hit by hackers, the websites or the exact amount of money stolen, because many of the victims had not yet noticed the missing money or have not called the police, BTA said.

There were several ways for hackers to drain money from people's bank accounts online, police said and asked people to be careful when shopping online.

One of the most common schemes, police said, was the so-called fishing method, where a hacker use a computer programme to send emails to a list of randomly generated e-mail addresses, "informing" the client that there is a problem with his or her online bank account.

The victim is then asked to send a reply to the "alert" and to specify his or her user name and password.

Experts advice not to open such emails, even though their emails addresses in many case are very similar to those used by genuine companies and banks……..

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