Saturday, 3 October 2009

More Bulgarian Gas Bills Now Wiil Not Be Paid

Bloody typical and increase in gas price when the winter looms and from people who can ill afford it. The reason? - Problems collecting money from gas users. Is this going to solve the problem? No it will just mean more people won’t pay because they can't afford it! A bit short-sighted Mr Traikov. Well actually not really this is just a front for more money and effectively more tax. If everyone paid their bills would they put the price down again?

More Bulgarian Gas Bills Now Wiil Not Be Paid

The Bulgarian State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR) approved Wednesday a 2,49% increase of natural gas prices from October 1, 2009.

However, the price increase in the last three month of 2009 will not affect the central heating prices at least until the end of the year, the DKEVR announced.

From October 1, the natural gas will cost BGN 374,13 per 1 000 cubic meters (no value added tax-VAT, inclueded), which is BGN 9,10 more expensive than the previous three months.

On Wednesday, Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister, Traicho Traikov, stated that the state owned natural gas distribution company, Bulgargaz, has difficulties in collecting money from its debtors, which is the reason for increasing prices.

“They cannot deal with their debtors, and that is why they want to rise prices... The main issue here are the central heating utilities, but they have no other way to pay their debt, except having cases against their clients. People must understand that they have to pay their bills”, Taikov said.

In his words, there will not be a 24,5% increase in the natural gas prices from the beginning of 2010. The Energy Ministry has agreed with Bulgargaz the company to try find internal reservs in order to make the price increase smoother.

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