Monday, 5 October 2009

Heavy Rains In East Bulgaria - Not Good For Grape Cropping

Having driven my Lada to Burgas just a couple of days ago, I’m glad it wasn’t in this weather. IU was tucked up in my village through the torrential rain that we also had there some 100 kilometres away. Not headline news by any means, but the rains came on the weekend when the harvesting of grapes takes place by many thousands of grape growers. A wet and muddy affair for those who still went ahead with it.

Heavy Rains In East Bulgaria - Not Good For Grape Croppin

Heavy downpours flooded Sunday numerous streets in Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Burgas, the local Civil Defense reports.

Civil Defense teams are pumping the water from three locations. The rain is also the most likely culprit causing a heavy duty truck to flip over near Burgas. The driver has suffered light injuries.
Several cars have been stranded in high waters in the Black Sea capital Varna, the Varna Civil Defense further reports. Efforts to free the cars are underway. Traffic is seriously impeded by the heavy rain and slippery roads.

Rain was reported all over Eastern Bulgaria all through the night. In addition to the floods, the downpours caused falling of tree branches at numerous locations. There are no reported fatalities, injuries or serious material damage.

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