Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Danube A New Power Source For Bulgarian And Romania

Danube A New Power Source For Bulgarian And Romania

This is good news coming from countries that need to have a more independent source of energy. Environmentally it seems the best option but I do wonder whether the loss of water surge beyond the power system in place will affect wildlife further down the river. Even with this other options to generate power would be more than likely have a detrimental effect. Let’s see whether the EU has something to say about this venture.

Balkan neighbours Bulgaria and Romania are considering construction of two hydroelectric plants on the Danube River, which makes their common border, a Romanian official was quoted as saying Sunday.

Tudor Serban, a Romanian ministry of economy official told the News In news agency the two countries would try to win EU funding for the joint projects. He gave no other details.

A Communist-era project of a Bulgarian-Romanian hydroelectric complex on the Danube has been abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989.

Source: www.bgnewsnet.com
Image by brewbooks via Flickr
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