Monday, 19 October 2009

Get Out Of The Hot Kitchen Stanishev

Sergey Stanishev has been in the hot kitchen for quite a while now. It’s about time he got out. Current premier rightly has taken over a government that hasn’t listened the Bulgarian people and has failed them miserably. Criticism has been going on for quite while now it is obviously getting to the previous PM. I don’t think anyone feels sorry for Stanishev having to put up with all these digs apart from him of course. Will time let people forget what he has done? No, Bulgaria a slave to Europe is a legacy he will have to carry on his shoulders for life and beyond.

Get Out Of The Hot Kitchen Stanishev
Former Bulgarian Prime Minister, Sergey Stanishev, stated Friday that his successor, Boyko Borisov, and the GERB government behave as election runners not as a government.
“Fight the economic crisis, secure economic growth, decrease the unemployment, and improve the living standard in Bulgaria instead of fighting the beaten government,” Stanishev told Borisov and Finance Minister Djankov from the Parliamentary floor referring to his own cabinet whose parties lost the July 2009 general elections.

Stanishev, who is the leader of the Bulgarian Socialst Party, said that 2010 would be harder economically than 2009, and urged the GERB government to adopt a governance program.
“Why did the balanced budget turn into a priority in a time of crisis? Most budget-funded systems are having it very rough because of the imposed limitations,” Stanishev declared pointing out the difficulties in the state railways BDZ, and the social institutions.

“Bulgaria is going to restore its 2008 economic development no earlier than 2012, i.e. at the end of the term of the present government, and such a pace of recovery is not satisfactory for us,” the former PM stated pointing out the Bulgarian government forecast a GDP decline of 2% in 2010, whereas most other countries were already expecting positive economic growth.

Stanishev also said a EC report from October 14 praised Bulgaria as one of the five EU economies facing lowest risk was the result of the policies of his government. At the same time, the GERB cabinet continued blaming the emerging issues on the former governing team.

“Mr. Prime Minister, the tender for the corvettes was carried out by your government in 2004. For four years, my government staved off the French attacks for starting the deal. I have not signed any contracts for the purchase of French corvettes, and I am made no financial commitments in that respect,” the former Prime Minister declared referring to the government of Simeon Saxe-Coburg (2001-2005) when Borisov was the Interior Ministry Secretary.
Thus, he replied to Borisov’s claims that Stanishev had promised to buy two corvettes from France while the state budget no could not afford the deal.

“How come the Belene Nuclear Power Plant is of interest for Germany, Russia, France, even Macedonia, but not for the Bulgarian government?” Stanishev asked regarding the hesitancy of the GERB government to complete the construction of the Belene plant with state money, or at least with state-guaranteed loans, as the former cabinet had planned.

“I remind you that the interest of Gaz de France and Dalkia in buying the Sofia heating utility Toplofikatsia is not a product of your visit in Paris, but dated back years. However, your unwillingness to start its privatization did not allow the French companies to participate,” Stanishev said referring to the time when Boyko Borisov served as Sofia Mayor.

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