Saturday, 20 February 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Medals Look Even Further Away Fro Bulgaria Now

What a shame, so many time injuries cause heartache to sportsmen and women who have a good chance of winning. Lets' hope this bad luck is balanced by some good luck in other events where one of the other 18 competitors from Bulgaria are competing.

Bulgaria's arguably biggest hope for a medal in the Vancouver Olympics was banked in the ladies snowboarding event. But that is no longer a possibility after Alexandra Zhekova fell in a practice run aggravating an old injury on February 16 2010.
In spite of the pain, she then proceeded with the first run of the actual competition, where matters got from bad to worse. She fell again and barely made it to the final where she requested medical assistance and was stretchered out.
She has been forced to pull out of the Olympics altogether and, according to Bulgarian media, her physicians advised her that she refrains from any further snowboarding activities for a while and takes a prolonged rest until June.
"My fist practice run was great. Why did I even bother to have the second go?" she was quoted as saying by Dnevnik daily. "But this is just the type of person I am, I am a perfectionist."
She was ferried to the hospital in the Olympic Village where it was revealed that she nearly suffered a torn muscle.
"She needs rest and rehabilitation. For the moment it is uncertain if she will require surgery," Victor Zhekov, father and coach of the athlete was quoted as saying.
She will remain under medical treatment in Vancouver until her return to Bulgaria, where her rehabilitation is to continue.
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