Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Miro Has The Talent And Songs To Win the Eurovision Song Contest

Miro, alias Miroslav Kostodinov has many fans including me as I posted not so long ago. He now has a good selection of songs that is on the process of selection to go forward to the preliminary rounds of the Eurovison Song Contest. Let hope that the stupid partisan way that votes go can subside and see true talent the Bulgaria in providing in singer and songwriters.

Miro, Bulgaria’s contestant in the Eurovision 2010 contest in Oslo, says that he firmly believes the country can win this year.
In a special broadcast on Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Miro – born Miroslav Kostadinov – presented five songs from which one will be chosen to be the country’s official entry in the song contest.
The choice will be made via SMS and tele-voting with a final on February 28, just a day more than three months before the semi-final of Eurovision in the Norwegian capital. Those who make it through to the Eurovision final will compete on May 29.
Speaking on BNT on February 8, Miro said that "Bulgaria needed a win". He recalled the country’s previous popular achievements, in football in 1994 and said that he remembered crying with joy at the victories of ice-dancers Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski.
The five songs will be broadcast on Bulgarian public television and radio each night until a final choice of Bulgaria’s entry is made.
This is the fifth time that Bulgaria competes in Eurovision. The best it has managed was in 2007, when Elitsa and Stoyan’s Voda ("Water") placed fifth, but there have been low points, such as the 2009 controversial selection of Krassimir Avramov, who placed 16th out of 18th in a semi-final. After an uproar about the choice of Avramov, the system of selecting Bulgaria’s contestant was changed.