Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sergey Stanishev Criticises Boyko Borisov Come What May

Sour grapes is all I can think of when this failed Prime Minister Sergey Sytanishev now criticises the current popular PM Boyko Borisov for doing what Prime Ministers do, tell people what to do. I wonder whether there would have been criticism from Sergey Stanishev if Boyko didn't send shots over the Mayors' bow on spending EU funds.

Bulgaria Socialist Party leader, Sergey Stanishev, has slammed PM Boyko Borisov for mocking local mayors by warning them not to abuse EU funds.
Stanishev, speaking at a BSP Todorovden meeting with Chairs of municipal and district council in Plovdiv, said; “I wonder why the mayors endured that mockery. That was ridiculous. Mayors are not subject to the prime minister, nor does he give them enough money to treat them like that.”
Stanishev added that the blame for local mayors not being able to absorb EU funds lies squarely on the shoulders of the government, who he suggested do not give them enough money to be able to co-finance projects
Borisov, issued Thursday a stern warning to all local mayors to not abuse the recently released EU funds.
Stanishev concluded by saying that the membership of BSP remains high and that the rules have been prepared already for BSP elections to choose candidates for the 2011 local elections.

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