Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Serious Flooding in Bulgaria

It is serious having got stranded with my own lada in a flooded section of road on the way to work yesterday. It has got worse with the rain that continues to fall. The River Tundzha is exceptionally high, in fact the highest I have seen it since coming to Yambol 5 years ago. the River flow south and Elhovo and Turkey are next in line.

Bulgarian authorities have notified their Turkish counterparts in Edirne that rivers and dams in the regions are overflowing from the torrential rains and floodgates are being opened, Bulgarian media reported on February 15 2010. This will heighten the risk of floods in Turkey.
Volumes in reservoirs and dams in Bulgaria are being eased to prevent the various bodies of water overflowing out of control.
Roads, bridges, farmland and houses in Bulgaria's Thrace region are already submerged, as many rivers have burst their banks.
The Maritsa River spilled over and has threatened villages and roads, blocking the E-80 motorway to Turkey and forcing the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint shut. The checkpoint is still shut and traffic is redirected through Lesovo.
The Vaya Lake in Bourgas burst its banks as well, affecting the E-87 road linking Bourgas and Sozopol, Bulgarian National Television reported. Civil Protections units were on site, attempting to build drainage ditches, reinforce the road and regulate traffic, BNT said.
The situation in Elhovo was reported to be critical. The area was hit by torrential rain lasting for more than 12 hours. The water level of Tundja River reached 420cm and flooded the region around the Elhovo bus station, Dnevnik daily said.
The Ticha Dam was also about to burst, reports say. Kamchia River and Vrana River were also close to overflowing.
Meanwhile more than 70 settlements in the Municipality of Smolyan had power cuts after the heavy snowfall in the area.
The Bulgarian Meteorologic website said that the rains should gradually cease by the end of the day and that on February 16 it should be predominantly cloudy without precipitation.