Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sumo's World Number Two Is Bulgarian

A Bulgarian man who has taken Japan by storm and encompassed the culture with great respect. Pretty soon he could feasibly be the world number one in sumo wrestling! Whoever would have thought that this could have been possible? He is also getting married on Valentine's Day although I'm sure this is coincidental as this is a western invention.

Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kaloyan Mahlyanov, aka Kotooshu, has been promoted to second position in the profession, following the forced retirement of champion Asashoryu.
The Mongolian’s career came to an abrupt end following a drunken brawl in a bar in Rupongi. His behavior was judged to be against all norms, both within Japanese society and in the world of sumo.
Asashoryu will receive a pay-off of USD 1 M, and the same amount again over the year.
Kotooshu is reported as behaving totally differently, abiding by all social and professional rules. His wedding, on February 14, will be conducted entirely according to Japanese protocol and tradition.
The entire sumo community will attend the wedding of Kotooshu and his bride Asako and some 250 wrestlers are expected to attend the celebration.
His future best man and head of the Bulgarian Sumo Federation Petar Stoyanov, commented on Kotooshu’s professional prospects, following Asashoryu’s retirement.
"We are not gloating over this, but for Bulgaria it is good. The retirement of Asashoryu gives him a very big chance to attack the top position from second place . Kotooshu needs to be the winner in the next two tournaments, in one to acquire a credit of 14:1 or 15: 0 and, I think, he will immediately be selected for yokozuna," Stoyanov said.
Source: http://www.novinite.com