Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Internet fraud now is so ripe and clever that getting conned is very easy even to those who are experienced and wise to the Internet. Bulgaria has one of the fastest growing online presence and many who start up are good bait for scams and fraud, which is why these particular 'criminals' are targeting Bulgaria. Look at the web-clip picture, wouldn't you be fooled with this? Long may these online a***h**** rot in hell.

The National Center for Safe internet (Safenet) has warned Bulgarian users of the existence of a web site that collects their Skype user accounts and assumes control over them.
The warning has been received on the center’s hot-line, Safenet has announced on Tuesday.
The malicious site ( has suspended activity at present, but is specifically aimed at Bulgarian consumers.
The user is offered, in Bulgarian, to try out the "Web Skype" service, which claims to "allow you to sign in to Skype without having the program installed", in other words, for users who already have a Skype account but who are at a computer that does not have the program.
On logging in to "Web Skype", the user sees a window that is similar to that of the legitimate program. Through the use of java-script, the user is misled into entering a username and password which, instead of being transmitted to Skype, is diverted to the spurious site's creators.
The user then loses control of his/her Skype account and can no longer access it.
The creators of the site thus collect Skype accounts from the lists of misled subscribers, which they can then use for various malevolent purposes, warned the Safenet center.