Monday, 1 February 2010

Bulgaria Not The Most Corrupt In The European Union

I would go along with this statement and say that Italy are probably the most corrupt EU country. It is always those who know noting about Bulgaria and Romania that criticise and point fingers. Yes there is corruption for sure, but anyone would think that the rest of the EU are white as white. A lot of corruption in western Europe we just don't hear about as it is covered up very well.

Günter Verheugen, European Commissioner for Enlargement at the time when Romania and Bulgaria were preparing for the EU accession, defended these countries by saying that they were not the most corrupt states in the European Union.
I think these countries are being treated unfairly when they are reproached with being corrupt, their administrations not being operational and the crime making the law, said Verheugen.
If I were asked what the most corrupt EU country was, I would not first think of Romania and Bulgaria. And if I were asked in what country the organized crime did have the most powerful influence on the governmental policy, again I would not first think of Romania and Bulgaria, he told the Phoenix TV show.
The current Commissioner for Industry, who is at the end of his mandate, did not want to nominate the countries he would think of first, when it came to corruption and organized crime, but he added that you could easily recognize them.