Saturday, 13 February 2010

Greeks Taking A Break With Ouzo?

The Greeks probably got 'pissed off' with no action from politicians and went for a ouzo or two. Don't discount this theory as people in this part of the world have needs and protests like these need a break like most people in this region.

All checkpoints along the Greek-Bulgarian border worked normally, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) said on February 12 2010.
On the evening of February 11, Greek protesters who had blocked the border for four weeks opened the Kulata- Promahon checkpoint for automobiles and later that evening for trucks.
It as unknown how long the checkpoints would remain open, BNT said.
At the Kalotina crosspoint, automobiles with European Union member state registrations were let through without having to stop and buy a road tax vignette, according to BNT.
Police advised anyone traveling to Turkey, to use the Lesovo and Malko Turnovo checkpoints, BNT said.