Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bulgarian Troops Return From Afghanistan

It's pretty warm in Afghanistan right now. Although I don't approve of their presence there I think that with the severe cold weather and snow blizzards in Bulgaria right now their trip back home could have waited a week or so longer. Just a thought from a common sense point of view rather than a political one for a change. I'm sure the vast majority of the troops now freezing cold (and one of them is a good friend of mine) would agree.

Bulgarian troops from Sixth Regiment who were on rotation in Afghanistan returned to Bulgaria late on February 8 2010, Bulgarian National Television reported.
In total, 260 Bulgarian solders out of the 600-strong contingent have returned home. They were greeted at the airport by Defence Minister Anyo Angelov and Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov.
The detachment of Bulgarian solders were guarding the airport of Kandahar as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) coalition force.
"The Bulgarian soldiers fulfilled their mission under very precarious circumstances while their base in Kandahar was under almost constant bombardment," Angelov was quoted as saying by Bulgarian news agency Focus.