Thursday, 18 February 2010

More Tapping Proposed For Bulgarian Police

If the law changes to give more access to tapping form police to solve crimes that would be great. My main worry here is the the police can't be trusted due to corruption throughout the force and the power they will be given will lead to more corruption, blackmail and extortion.

On February 17 2010, Bulgaria's Parliament approved the second reading of amendments to the Electronic Communications Act, but only after serious concessions.
The version of amendments approved by Parliament's internal security and public order committee on February 3, which left in the possibility for police to use access to communication data for crimes that carry sentences of less than five years, including causing death by negligence, threatening an officer, threat of murder, soliciting prostitution and providing premises for prostitution, acquisition or distribution of pornographic material, vote-buying, illegal border crossings, was not acceptable for a majority in Parliament.
At the proposal of opposition parties and the Blue Coalition, the amendments were revised to include only serious crimes carrying a minimum jail sentence of five years, and computer crimes, Bulgarian-language daily Dnevnik said.


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