Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bulgarian Nuclear Plant Gets Russian Help To Get Reopened

GROHNDE, GERMANY - JULY 07:  A general view of...
This is good news and will be of some comfort to Bulgarians with another source of power that cannot be cut out from outsiders. That is if the funding and support from Russia isn't under conditions of having ownership of the plant. Let's hope that safety has gone up a gear or two with Russian nuclear designers and constructors.

Bulgaria and Russia have agreed to start building a nuclear power plant in the Bulgarian town of Belene this autumn, Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said on Saturday (February 20th), after a trip to Sofia for talks with Bulgarian counterpart Traycho Traykov. Shmatko added that a series of details were discussed, particularly Russia's readiness to provide financial assistance until a strategic investor is found. Russia will finance construction of the plant through a project company established for this purpose and is ready to invest 1.9 billion euros over a period of two years. Efforts to build the plant have stalled a number of times.

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