Wednesday, 3 February 2010

EU Rules Hit Bulgaria Again - This Time It's Batteries!

Yet more dictatorship fro the European Union who continue to impose a magnitude of rules and regulations like there is no tomorrow on Bulgaria. Even though this is a green rule that they are trying to enforce they will find it very difficult if not impossible without re-educating the whole population of Bulgaria. As in the report most will end up in landfill sites and mandatory laws brought in will be ignored not purposely but through a different culture to 'green' Europe, which incidentally is more polluted than Bulgaria. Perhaps the EU can learn form Bulgaria? 

New EU rules have come into force that require some Bulgarian stores selling batteries to provide in-store recycling bins.
Any Bulgarian shop selling more than 32 kg of batteries a year - equivalent to one pack of four AA batteries a day - must comply to the new directive as part of targets on cutting landfill.
Battery maker Varta warned that a lack of awareness among consumers could hamper the scheme's success, the BBC reported.
Most batteries currently end up in landfill sites, where they can leak toxic chemicals into the soil. The EU Batteries Directive aims to tackle that problem and cut carbon emissions by reducing the need for new batteries to be made from scratch.