Thursday, 27 August 2009

1100 Litres Of Rakia Seized By Bulgarian Customs

1100 Litres Of Rakia Seized By Bulgarian Customs

Looks like the walls are closing fast on this kind of business that has been going one for years. This is a ll as a result of EU intervention no doubt. The days of rakia making as a ‘free’ national custom in Bulgaria I can see are numbered now. This however does not prevent thousand still doing the distilling behind closed doors.

Inspectors with the Customs Office – Varna seized 1,100 liters of rakia as a result of the stepped-up check-ups on distillers in the districts of Varna andShumen, the District Customs Directorate – Varna announced.

The 1,100 liters have been confiscated from one factory for distillation of ethyl alcohol with seven stills.

No documents for paid or imposed excise duty have been presented. The duty will be calculated after analysis on the samples taken from the stills. According to initial calculations the sum runs to BGN 6,050.

Further investigation and administrative-criminal proceedings are about to be initiated under the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act.

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