Sunday, 2 August 2009

Railway Workers Celebrate In Bulgaria Today

Railway Workers Celebrate In Bulgaria Today

Although only 121 years old, the Railways Workers Professional holiday in Bulgaria is a celebration that should stand for many years to come. The railways system is one of the most ‘green’ forms of transport both in private and commercial sectors. This infrastructure is here already with links to all the major towns and cities; it just needs looking after and used more. It is good to see that Bulgaria does take pride in its railways system and many smaller railways stations are personalised with the railways workers and managements touch, many with their own vegetable patch alongside the borders of flowers that line the station waiting areas. Long live the train in Bulgarian and the Railway Workers yearly celebrations.

Bulgaria marks the professional holiday of Bulgarian railway workers on the first Sunday of August. The tradition of celebrating the Railway Worker’s Day dates back to the previous century.

The exact day for the celebration is connected to historical fact, dated back to early August 1888, when the Tsaribrod – Sofia – Belovo railroad line for international transport is opened and the Bulgarian state acquires the Ruse – Varna railroad line and starts its exploitation. That is how the Bulgaria State Railways has been established.

Since the turn of the year, 13 engine-drivers and workers on repairs at the engine depots, 4 officers of transport teams and 12 officers in charge of the exploitation of cargo transport, have been awarded for their great professionalism.

On the occasion of the Railway Worker’s Day, the National Railway Infrastructure Company launched the “Beautiful Station” initiative. 150 workers with the National Railway Infrastructure Company in Sofia took part in the initiative and several central railway stations have been thoroughly cleaned up.

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