Saturday, 8 August 2009

Who Knows the Truth In Alleged Mafia Murders In Bulgaria

Who know what really happened in these kinds of incidents. Clashes between the police and Mafia seem to come up every so often and one wonders whom the bad guys are. Differentiation between the police and Mafia is sometimes quite tricky and complicated even further with the justice system infiltrated into the mix. Throw the dice and see what happens is what I see here?

Who Know the Truth In Alleged Mafia Murders In Bulgaria

Bulgaria Court Upholds 82 Years in Jail for Anti Mafia Policemen Bulgaria’s Military Appellate Court has upheld the sentencing of five anti mafia policemen who allegedly killed 38-year-old Angel Dimitrov in the city of Blagoevgrad to eighty-two years in jail in total.

The verdict is not final and is subject to appeal at the Supreme Cassation Court. Major Miroslav Pissov was sentenced October 2, 2008 to 18 years behind bars, while the other four - captain Ivo Ivanov, chief-lieutenant Boris Mehandzhijski, and sergeants Georgi Kalinkov and Yanko Grahovski were sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Angel Dimitrov AKA Chorata, was allegedly killed in November of 2005 by the Blagoevgrad police during a law enforcement operation entitled “Respect.” Dimitrov’s death was first pegged as a heart attack but expertise showed that he had passed away due to blows to the head.

Dimitrov aka Chorata was a close ally of the alleged mobster Vassil Gorchev, who was publicly executed in January of 2005.

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